Recognizing Signs of Problems with Your HVAC

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Repairing components of your HVAC system can sometimes be costly, but ignoring needed repairs can result in an even more costly replacement expense. That’s why it’s important to know 5 signs your HVAC system is breaking down so that a professional can make the necessary repairs before the problem worsens. Here are 5 signs to watch for.


Drainage problems are often overlooked because many people don’t know exactly where to look. A drainage problem is indicated by puddles that accumulate in areas where water shouldn’t be. Water should be draining from the drain line, but when the line becomes clogged it will back up and leak in other areas. Drainage problems could be from a clogged line, rusted drain pan, or broken condensate pump.


If it smells like something is burning while your HVAC system is running, it could be because of an electrical problem. It may be that the motor is wearing out or the electrical wiring has been damaged somehow. In any case, if you notice an electrical smell turn off the system and contact commercial HVAC repair in Nurpur, Himachal Pradesh to avoid a fire.


A musty smell from your HVAC system could mean that moisture has built up in the system itself or in the ducts. This excess moisture allows mold to grow, which is not only uncomfortable to smell, but can cause serious health problems.


Sometimes the smell of natural gas, like rotten eggs, is due to a problem with your HVAC system. Any fuel leak is a serious problem and you should leave the home immediately to call the gas company. The gas company will identify and repair the leak, so don’t attempt to do so yourself.


Another indicator of HVAC system problems is that the airflow is having problems. You may notice lessened airflow, or airflow that doesn’t adequately cool or heat your home. You may also notice that the system runs much longer than usual to reach the desired temperature, or that there are hot or cold spots in the home. These problems may be remedied with repairs, or it may be time for new air conditioning installation

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